Drug policy in Czech Republic and Romania – Public conference

Tuesday, November 29th, 06:00 PM – Public conference – comparative analysis of drug related policies in the Czech Republic and Romania (free entry)

Conference content:

  • brief history of drug use in the Czech Republic and Romania
  • drugs in the communist era
  • between tolerance and repression
  • drug addiction: crime or disease?
  • who is being punished?

 Czech Centre, Str. Ion Ghica, nr. 11, Bucharest

About the speakers:

Vendula Běláčková is a junior researcher at the Centre for Addictology, Psychiatric Clinic of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague. With her background in economics, media studies and addictology, she has worked on research projects: Marijuana markets in the Czech Republic – different drug policies and harms,  and Social costs of alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs in the Czech Republic in 2007. She is lecturing at the Charles University  and the University of Economics in Prague on the issue of economic impact of drugs and drug policy.

Valentin Simionov is leading the Romanian Harm Reduction Network. During the last 7 years, he has worked in needle exchange programs and various advocacy, research and training projects aimed to increase the visibility of the drug problem and its consequences over society and individuals. Currently, he is documenting the costs of the Romanian anti-drug policy and participates in the global drug policy reform movement, a direction which states that the war on drugs has failed and it must be replaced by new policies, based on scientific evidence and human rights.

The event will be preceded by a unique Czech documentary Katka (dir. Helena Trestikova, 2010) Monday, November 28th, 08:00 PM (free entry).

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